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This pages contains information related to the reporting of SPHN projects.

What is the reporting procedure? What are the responsibilities? Who should send a report to SPHN?

The main applicant is responsible for collecting the financial information from the other applicants and for providing a consolidated report to the Management Office using the appropriate template.


The main applicant's institution is free to decide internally who is responsible for the reporting (e.g. the PI or the grants office); we recommend that you use the same internal processes and responsibilities as for SNSF grants.


Link to Financial reporting guidelines:  SPHN_Project_Financial_reporting_guidelines_20190927.pdf

Should own contributions be processed via a separate account at the institution or can they be listed in the financial report (regardless of the account where they originate from)?

For own contributions in cash, the institution should setup an account/credit line administred by the applicant in order to be considered as cash own contributions. 

If the project costs exceed the allocated budget at the end of the project, is it possible to apply for additional funding from SPHN to cover the negative balance?

No. If the project costs exceed the budget allocated by SPHN, the extra costs must be covered by the consortium.

Should expenses be reported with or without VAT?

VAT should only be charged to the project if the institution is unable to recover it. In case the institution is able to recover VAT, only the expenses excluding VAT can be charged to the project. 

Can the acquisition costs for a piece of equipment be charged to the project? Or may only the depreciation be claimed?

Yes, the acquisition costs for a piece of equipment can be debited from the project funds.

For purchases of CHF 1'000 and above, a copy of the invoice has to be provided.

For purchases of CHF 10'000 and above, the Management office should be notified before the purchase order. The equipment should be used for at least 50% of the time for the SPHN project. In the yearly financial reporting, the offer, the purchase order and the inventory sheet confirming delivery of the equipment should be provided. In addition, the equipment's share of usage for the SPHN project must be verifiable and auditable (e.g. recorded in a lab book). 

How should the use of an existing infrastructure be reported?

Please refer to the SNSF guidelines to distinguish between eligible and non-eligible costs for the use of internal infrastructure that can be charged to the SPHN grant: http://www.snf.ch/en/funding/infrastructures/use-of-infrastructure/Pages/default.aspx

Some of the expenses forecasted in the yearly budget will be postponed to the following year. Can the SPHN funds be rolled over to the next year? Should an updated budget be submitted?

Yes, the unused funds received from SPHN can be rolled over to the following years. No updated budget is needed if the overall budget does not change.

Which solution is recommended to transferred very large and/or multiples files to the SPHN Management Office?

We recommend the use of Switch file sender to transfer files. As only 1 file can be sent per upload, we recommend the creation of a ZIP archive containing multiple files.


Are there guidelines regarding the salary costs, i.e. "wage ranges" for personnel paid with SPHN funds?

Yes, the amounts defined in the call text and budget template define the maximum applicable rate for salaries paid by SPHN funds.


In case the effective salary is higher than the maximum applicable rate, the difference has to be paid by the institution and cannot be considered as own contribution. 

How should salaries be reported if they are higher or lower than the maximum applicable rates?

In case the effective salary is higher than the maximum applicable rate, the difference has to be paid by the institution and cannot be considered as own contribution. SPHN funds will pay effective salaries, own contributions should report lump-sums.

Which receipts and accounting documents should be provided to support salary costs paid by SPHN?

Salary sheets of all employees paid with SPHN funds, including Professors, must be provided. Yearly reports showing details of the salaries charged to the project are also accepted.  

What receipts/accounting documents are required for staff in-kind contributions?

No supporting documents are required for salaries paid with own contributions. By his/her approbation of the financial report, the PI certifies that the salaries reported as own contributions are the reflect of reality. 

Do all employees paid with SPHN funds need to be employed at the institution where the SPHN funds have been transferred to or can they be employed at another eligible institution (e.g. the related University Hospital)? Can the University Hospital pass on the costs of the salaries to the University via invoice?

Institutions are free to organise themselves regarding where the staff working on the SPHN project is employed (University or University Hospital).

Are benefits such as lunch vouchers, company car, participation towards health insurance costs, etc. covered by SPHN?

Only « standard » salaries and social contributions are covered by SPHN funds.


Benefits provided by the employer such as lunch vouchers, company car, participation towards health insurance costs are not covered by SPHN and must be paid by the institution.

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