Call for proposal 2018 - Closed for applications

On 15 March 2018, SPHN launched a second call for proposal in coordination with the call for proposals of the ETH-Domain Strategic Focus Area in Personalized Health and Related Technologies (ETH SFA PHRT). As for the call 2017, SPHN contributions were awarded to projects aiming at the development, implementation and validation of data infrastructures that will make health-related data shareable and exchangeable between research institutions and hospitals across Switzerland.


This call for proposal was open to applications in all fields. The International Advisory Board evaluated the applications and provided a shortlist of outstanding proposals in both technical and structural terms. The National Steering Board of SPHN made its final selection based on this shortlist and gave high priority to initiatives that belonged to the following areas:


–  Imaging and radiology interoperability*

–  Public health and healthy citizens

–  Nationwide interoperability of cohorts and registries*


*Project applications in these fields were particularly encouraged as ‘Infrastructure Development projects’. 


Submission deadline: 30 June 2018 (23h59 CET).


Related documents:

SPHN Call for Proposals 2018 (version: 15.03.2018)

Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing (version 1: 12.06.2017)*

Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing (version 2: 07.05.2018)*

*Update (29.5.2018): Following the NSB meeting, Applicants should use version 2 to prepare their applications.


Application Guidelines & Templates:

Guidelines for Applications (version: 15.03.2018)

Application Template (version: 15.06.2018)§

SPHN Budget Template (version: 15.03.2018)

Host Commitment Letter Template (version: 15.03.2018)

§ Added second main applicant box in case of joint SPHN-PHRT projects.


FAQ regarding the Call for proposals 2018

Submitting a joint SPHN-PHRT application

  • Please chose a main applicant for the SPHN part and one for the PHRT part. Please enter only the SPHN main applicant in the online application form. 


  • For creating the application, applicants can use either the SPHN or the PHRT template. Please split the project plan (Research Part B3, max. 20 pages) in two parts (one for SPHN, one for PHRT).  For the Part C (Project resources), applicants are requested to fill in both detailed budget templates (.xls) in order to specify the amount of contribution requested from SPHN and PHRT respectively.


  • A host commitment letter has to be provided to SPHN, only if applicants (main-, co- or associated applicants) request funding from SPHN. In the case of a joint SPHN-PHRT project, an applicant requesting funds from PHRT but not from SPHN, does not have to submit a host commitment letter from the ETH-Domain institution.


  • By submitting a joint proposal, all applicants commit to adhere to the current valid version of the Ethical Framework for Responsible Data Processing.


  • Please submit the same application to both programs by 30 June (23h59 CET). Please submit for SPHN via the online form and to PHRT via email.

Results of the Call 2018

A list of the projects funded in 2018 can be found here


Q&A Session & Networking

The introductory slides of the Q&A Session held for the second coordinated call for proposals on Friday 13 April 2018 in Bern can be downloaded here:


SPHN slides

PHRT slides

What's new in the 2018 Call for proposals?

The following changes apply: 


1. Call topics

The call is open to all applications. However, when making its final selection, the National Steering Board will give high priority to initiatives in the following three focal areas:


  • Interoperability of imaging technologies
  • Public health and healthy citizens
  • Interoperability of cohorts and registries 


2. SPHN Budget

Total Budget available: CHF 9.3 Mio. 


  • Infrastructure development projects: up to CHF 500k for a duration of 12 months (unless required otherwise for technical reasons);
  • Driver projects: up to CHF 1.5 Mio for a duration of 36 months.


Please note that the duration of joint SPHN-PHRT Driver projects is limited to 24 months. 


3. Collaboration with PHRT

Joint SPHN-PHRT applications are encouraged for both Driver AND Infrastructure Development projects.


Please note that the duration of joint SPHN-PHRT Driver projects is limited to 24 months. 


Proposals for joint projects should split the project plan in two parts (one for the SPHN part and one for the PHRT part respectively). The project consortium should have one main applicant for the SPHN part and one for the PHRT part respectively. 

Contact information PH Research Clusters

Personalized Health Research Cluster Basel - Zurich More information


  • University of Basel: Dr. Thomas Geiger, Personalized Health Manager,
  • University of Basel: Dr. Cristina Golfieri, Coordinator PHB Research Cluster, 
  • University of Zurich/ETHZ: Dr. Silke Schneider, Managing Director Zürich-Basel Personalized Health Alliance (CC-PM),


Personalized Health Research Cluster Bern-Geneva-Lausanne